What's Next?

What happens to my resume after I submit it to LRL Associates?

Resumes that are received are reviewed and evaluated for presentation and content. If our staff considers a resume to be an appropriate match for one of the positions listed on this web site, we will contact you immediately to discuss the position. If the resume requires some modifications prior to presentation to the client company, we will gladly offer assistance and will work with you to assure that your resume will be noticed.

If the resume does not appear to be a good match for one of our open positions we will search our database for alternative positions that may be available with one of our clients or one of our affiliates (we have access to over 600 positions throughout the country at any given time). If a match is found you will be contacted for additional information.

In the event a suitable position is not available for you, we will enter your resume in our active database and will contact you as soon as an appropriate position is available. To keep our database current we ask that you notify our office when you accept another position or when you no long wish to seek a new opportunity.

Searching for a new position is not always fun or easy. We are here to assist you and we welcome an opportunity to work with you. Thank you for visiting our web-site.


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